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"Sarah is a solid manager."

I've been acquainted with Sarah Donaldson for over a decade. In 2020, I hired Sarah as the Head of Production for my company. In the first quarter of that year we began production on our eight-part series, Horse Camp, now streaming on Prime Video.

The task was not an easy one. Almost from day one we were challenged by the Coronavirus which caused us to shut down production. However, the downtime offered a unique opportunity to continue securing investors and she played a key role in that success. Additionally, Sarah successfully managed employee, performer and vendor contracts. 


When our 95 member cast and crew returned Sarah implemented and managed Covid protocol. Due to her diligence, we did not experience one case of virus under her watch. When production ended, Sarah was instrumental in marketing the series and securing our placement on Prime Video.

It is my pleasure to offer my wholehearted endorsement of Sarah Donaldson.